Investment Outlook 02/2019
Predicting recessions is a notoriously difficult job. There were a few who rose to fame after the most recent economic crisis for having identified warning signals and subsequently proven correct. read more
Investment Outlook Q1/2019
During the first quarter of this year, we discussed the appeal of venturing into USD corporate bonds as government yields and corporate spreads ticked higher.
Investment Outlook Q4/2018
As the summer lull dissipates two central investment themes are re-surfacing throughout the global financial circuit. read more
Investment Outlook Q3/2018
Six months ago we discussed why we thought the start of dollar weakness in late 2016 was a result of other forces than central bank policy... read more
Investment Outlook Q2/2018
Amidst the recent equity market rout and inflation concern, one of
the least beloved asset classes has suddenly taken a shine. read more
Investment Outlook Q1/2018
From the time the Federal Reserve first raised interest rates in December 2015 and announced a normalization of its balance sheet. read more
Job Opportunities at Ameliora
Excellent opportunities exist for senior relationship managers servicing US clients to join a dynamic firm with an entrepreneurial structure.

Please contact Rainer Nigg, Managing Director, CEO, for further information.

T +41 43 336 10 90
read more
Investment Outlook Q4/2017
A typical balanced portfolio consists of 60% equities and 40% bonds. The idea behind the portfolio’s asset allocation is to diversify or minimize the overall portfolio risk. read more
Investment Outlook Q3/2017
One moment in time, the active vs. passive investment debate read more
Investment Outlook Q2/2017
The momentum that has propelled global equities to record highs has also caused concern whether stock markets have started to disconnect from fundamentals and reality. read more
Investment Outlook Q1/2017
It took about five months for global bonds to trim their value by $1.7 trillion, or 7%, between this summer and the end November... read more
Investment Outlook Q4/2016
The market’s disgust with volatility is rather intriguing. The idea that high price-fluctuating assets are risky and value destructive... read more
Investment Outlook Q3/2016
Starting this summer a slew of market sensitive events will occur that will add to the heightened uncertainties of future asset price developments... read more
Investment Outlook Q2/2016
A central theme last year was how financial assets would be affected by diverging central bank policies... read more
Investment Outlook Q1/2016
The respective monetary policies of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank have been labelled the “Transatlantic Divergence”... read more